Opportunities come when preparations have been made

Believe me when I say opportunities come when preparations have been made. I heard the story of a young lady, who for privacy reason will call her name Ann. Ann happens to have worked at this beauty salon for 5 years. She was not only good at making unique hairstyles, she just had a way of winning the heart of her customers.

If you understand the way most of these apprenticeship training occurs, you will be very quick to understand that, in that space, there is a lot of Senority and Level there. Say, for example, you came in as an apprentice, and after 6 months, a new apprentice comes to learn, you automatically become the senior to the new intake and won’t be doing some menial tasks you used to do before.

For Ann, the level she belonged to didn’t matter to her. She did her work well, worked even beyond the normal duties assigned to her as a senior. She was everywhere, learning and making the most of her experience at the saloon. In fact, most of her juniors who came after her had left to set off their own ventures (Even those who were not through with their Apprenticeship training).

Ann’s Transformational Story

I know Ann in person and have patronised her service before (At the saloon and through home service). You know one thing I also admired about Ann, she was always diligent with her work. On this fateful day, as I went to the salon to fix my nails, I discovered Ann was missing from her usual station. I inquired and got the most exciting news about her

”Aunty, Ann has travelled to Cananda”

No doubt I was shocked at hearing the news. And as I inquired further, I realised that a customer had brought a unique hairstyle to fix, and it was only Ann that could make it. The customer, a fashion Entrepreneur, was having a runway show in a few months from then and needed to get skilled hairdressers to style her models.

And so it happened that Ann could do the Job

Immediately, the customer got Ann’s contact, started preparing her visa and in no short while, Ann was off to Canada. All I could do was open my mouth to say that Ann was favoured. But as I thought deeply again, I realised that what qualified Ann for that kind of favour was the fact that she had been diligently preparing, horning her skills and when an opportunity showed up, she was ready for it.

Ann’s story eventually became the talk of our small neighbourhood. Some were sceptical about the whole thing, others out of envy started spreading fake rumours that she had done some fetish thing to get such favour. But knowing who Ann is, I knew she was well prepared to receive the favour. She had worked so hard for years at this saloon, horned her hair making skills, developed herself beyond her normal duties, and won the heart of so many customers.


Learning from Ann’s story, I have come to realise that sometimes when we pray for God’s favour, he isn’t going to perform miracles to answer our prayers,  but what he will do is to bless the works of our hands in an unusual way. Be it a business, a job, or a skill we have. He will present to us opportunities to utilize our skills and enable us to stand before kings and not mere men.

Buttressing on  experiencing God’s favour, see what I wrote some days ago on my Facebook wall

There is something called favour, it is not what you work for, it is something that you experience because of God’s mercy. Look out for favour, desire it, pray for it and experience it


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