Peace: Assurance, Courage and Faith, written by Adeyemi Okediran

Peace: Assurance, Courage, and Faith!

The Peace of God?

Matthew 5:9 says, blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Peace is a right relationship with God, therefore, in your heart, have a right relationship with one another. Peace is a sense of well-being which results from the righteousness of God ruling and reigning in your heart. Peace means something more than the mere absence of hostilities. It means justice, honor, fair-play, order, security, and the well-protected right of every man and nation to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

What does Peace really mean?

When people think of peace, they think of a gentle breeze, but can a gentle breeze fix problems? The peace of  God is the very force of heaven.  The only thing one can compare peace to is an atomic bomb. When an atomic bomb is released, the wave freezes, the storm ceases, at the response to Jesus’ word, peace be still!

Do you know how much force it takes to calm a storm, that is the peace of God, the very power of God, God himself stepping into a situation in all His power, that is the peace of God. The Peace of God is more powerful than any disturbance, chaos, or trouble. The peace of God can calm every kind of storm!

Peace is our Assurance!

Peace is the confident assurance we have as believers. It is the peace that assured Joseph that even though he was in the prison,  he was still going to the throne. It didn’t matter how long it took.  Peace is confident assurance we have in God, that he is able to do what He said he will do and so we wait with patience! Also, the scripture lets us know some of the assurance and confidence the Lord gave to us as promises. “You’re the head and not the tail”, “We have overcome”, The works of our hands are blessed.

Assurance leads to courage. With an assured heart, we can have courageous, resolute inner convictions. Belief can turn to actions because courage is not just a physical attribute, it also manifests itself in our spiritual lives, when we have the courage of our convictions and the bravery to stand up for what we believe. After the heart develops assurance and courage, a firm faith begins to emerge. Faith, of course, means a steadfast belief; which requires trust, confidence, and loyalty. One of the finest attributes a human being can attain, faith doesn’t just mean a religious conviction. It can be applied to an idea, an abstract concept or an entire belief system.

Furthermore, assurance of salvation is what the Bible calls confidence before God. When we lose confidence our heart condemns us, then we can’t take hold of His promises, we dont feel worthy to enter into His presence and we this makes us lose our peace of mind.

Why we should never lose our confidence in God

There are a few causes and simple cures for lack of confidence. The first thing we must decide is whether or not we trust God and His Word. God’s Word tells us plainly, if we believe that God raised Jesus from the dead for our sins and confess Him as our Lord we will be saved. Either we believe that or we not. But there are a few things that undermine our faith. If we haven’t chosen to truly follow Jesus as Lord, it‘s doubtful we will experience confidence. The prophet Isaiah in the Holy Bible spoke on peace, as a matter of cause and effect. The cause of peace is righteousness; the effect, quietness, and assurance forever.

What then is righteousness?

Righteousness is a right relationship with God based on His forgiveness and cleansing in Christ, and righteousness spills over into right relationships with others. If we want quietness and assurance forever, then we must stop expecting programs or people to produce them. These qualities are the effect of righteousness!

The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever, Isaiah 32:17. After we have found peace in our own souls through faith in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ our Saviour, if our faith is honest, we must feel the desire and the duty of helping to make peace prevail on earth.

In Conclusion

The Bible teaches us that there is no foundation for enduring peace on earth except in righteousness: that it is our duty to suffer for that cause if need be: that we are bound to fight for it if we have the power: and that if God gives us the victory we must use it for the perpetuation of righteous peace.

In these words, I sum up what seems to me the Christian doctrine of war and peace, the truth that in time of war we must stand for the right, and that when peace comes in sight, we must do our best to find it upon justice. For this two truth cannot be separated!!



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