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Performing Better At Work,10 Practical Ways To Doing So

I am learning so much on how to perform better at work from Beverly E. Jones book Think like an Entrepreneur,  Act like a CEO. The book is a good follow up from Amy Henrys’ book I read earlier this year – What it takes, Boss up, Lead up.

Amys’ book prepared me to perfectly transition from a job field into an entirely new one and Beverlys’ book is providing me the necessary guidelines on how to do well on my new Job.

Below are 10 practical ways I am learning on how to improve my performance at work:

 Networking At Work

As a working professional, your networking approach should never be taken casually. You should make deliberate and conscious effort to genuinely connect with people. You can network by either of these ways:

Intra networking: Within your peers, organisation and already established relationships.

Inter-networking: Outside your regular contacts, those you meet at conferences, events etc

Being Active On Social Media 

Everyone needs a basic social media skill/ presence at the workplace or even while running a business. People need to know who you are and what you can do. It’s part of staying informed and connected at the same time. To be an effective player in the workplace, you need to follow the new technology trend, leverage on social media platforms, belong and connect.

Branding Yourself At Work

The workplace requires that everyone has a personal brand. Strong organisation comprises of people with strong positive brands. You can enhance your personal brand at the workplace by asking for feedback from colleagues, superiors and bosses and then, make adjustments where necessary.

Consciously Grow Your Career

Building a career path is what you consciously work at, it doesn’t happen by chance. It is your duty to work at advancing it.  No system, organisation or person is responsible for helping you do so.

Dressing At The Workplace

At the workplace, notice and learn how your colleagues dress, style themselves and tweak yours too. Don’t ever under-dress at work. If you notice heels/ corporate jacket is what your colleagues wear, also get yours and wear.

 Personal Self-discipline

To be a top flyer at work, you need lots of self-discipline in your own personal life. Manage your self and time appropriately.

Blending Entrepreneurship With Work

Entrepreneurship isn’t only about starting a business, it’s your ability to craft new ways of doing things. Identify a problem and craft out feasible plans on how to solve them. The same applies in the workplace, craft out new ways of doing your work better and faster.

Applying The Sugar Grain Principle To Work

This principle talks about taking little steps daily in other to meet a goal no matter how insignificant they may seem. To be effective in the workplace, find things you can do daily to helping you perform your work better. It may mean writing out your work schedule for the day every morning, and following through to meet them.

Resilience At The Work

Having strong resilience in the workplace is too essential for every part of your career journey. There are times when your back will be against the wall, but be able to rise up, re-strategize and keep moving. In growing your career, you need resilience to adapt to changes.

Having The Right Mind-set To Work

Your career is no longer distinct from the rest of your life. It includes everything you do to stay in shape, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially to help you do your best work.


Act like an Entrepreneur, Think like a CEO is a great book and I highly  recommend it to anyone willing to perform better at work. You can check out any of the book stores around you, or order on Amazon to get a copy.

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