3 Lessons I Am Learning After Publishing My 100TH Blog Post

100th Blog post
A lady happy after posting her 100th blog post

I recently published my 100th Blog post, and I can tell you I really feel excited about that. But then, just barely 3 days after I published the post and I am beginning to feel the need to write more, and do more with  my writing.

Do you also feel a need to do more after a great achievement? Well that feeling isn’t so bad, but rather the way humans are wired to live. We keep wanting, desiring and needing to do more, satisfying Economics definition of Human needs – Insatiable.


Last weekend was very memorable for me, and my blog, having published my 100th blog post. I really did enjoy the reviews I received from friends, acquaintances and readers I do not particularly know in person. For me, the feeling was that of Joy as I considered that, something I did out of passion is actually touching lives positively. Again, I remembered the time I struggled greatly with blogging consistently, I can’t forget how the 3 lessons I learned not blogging consistently brought me back on track.


As I am currently experiencing the desire to do more with myself and my writing, I have decided to share below  3 ways I will be handling this season of my life and I know you can learn from it  too.

Reviewing My Previous 100th Blog Post

I know that I have put up some very amazing post in the past, some I am proud of, some I cant really say I am proud of.  So whilst  feeling the urge to do much more with my writing, I will use the opportunity to review my previous post. I will make a checklist to include the following:

  • What do I need to improve on?
  • What topics were most beneficial to my readers?
  • How do I publicize my writing more?

Working On Areas I have Identified Needs Improvement

Having done the review session, I would be  able to recognize the areas I need to improve on. So while I keep taking in the compliments of publishing my 100th blog post, I will set out to improve on the key areas I have identified. It might mean  reading some  books, getting training, leveraging more on Google, or even reaching out to other bloggers  for help.

Leveraging On Relationships

So I realized after posting my 100th blog post, that I needed more people to read my articles. So while I feel like jumping into another 100th blog post cycle, I will take the time to build more relationships and network with people to read my post. I will be very deliberate in increasing my network of friends and brand to not only make people read my blog articles, but also, connect genuinely with people to building  relationships.


I have learned so much running a blog, but of all, the most striking thing to me is the power of  CONSISTENCY.  Blogging like any other skill, also needs continuous learning and practice.

So my kind advice- ”Whatever skill you have, keep working at becoming the best at it, and even after a major achievement, always know that there is still much more that you can do”.


So brace up and do more!






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  • Sure everyone one who is on this part of greatness always ask what next after a major accomplishment, keep it up dear the world will read and hear of you.

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