Push beyond the comfort zone, it is allowed

pushing beyond the comfort zone
pushing beyond the comfort zone

Today is Monday, and I have the ginger to talk about : Push beyond the comfort zone, it is allowed…

Over the weekend, I had this inner reflection with myself, and I thought deeply if truly I was making moves with my vision or I was just sitting cool being at the comfort zone. You know how it feels like, to be doing so much of activity, but you really can’t pinpoint to what you are achieving. Ehnnn , let me say that’s how I felt over the weekend.

I asked myself severally, am I at ease? am  I also one of those comfortably doing the same thing, the same way every day without trying to think out of the box? Am I actively involved in utilizing my brain? See, I have these kinds of conversations with myself from time to time, and I can tell you, it gives me a good evaluation of my journey in life. (I think everyone needs to do the same too ).

 From experience, what I have learned about the comfort zone is that it’s a place that feels so good to belong to, where most people are, a place where you are at ease, having everything just the way you think it should be, when you want and how you want them.


I love the words of one of my role models Debola Deji Kurunmi, fondly called DDK, she says often- GO FOR GOLD. This simply means push beyond the status quo, push beyond the limits, and push beyond the norm.

See, you might be thinking, how can I push beyond the comfort zone?

Pushing beyond the comfort zone isn’t so much a difficult thing to do. It first starts with a level of intentionality, to be different and to do things differently.

For example, you might have always delivered your office work in the same way, attended to a business client the same way, but hey, you can add a little tweak to how you do things. You can sit down and think about what next big goal you can aim to achieve.  It may be that you need to simply think about how to implement that big business idea you have been nursing for some time now.

beyond the comfort zone

In Conclusion

As I wrap up this post, I am going to steal some words from my reading friends,

Barrister  Marayynn, she  says ‘’Break the best practices, reinvent and never stop thinking’’

Adeolu, says ‘’If you are not stretching yourself, you are not growing’’

And I am saying: ”Push beyond your comfort zone, PUSH, PUSH PUSH”.


Cheers to a great week ahead!

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