Churn Out Great Ideas On The Go- Put Your Thinking Cap On

Put Your Thinking Cap on
Put Your Thinking Cap on

As I sat in my room writing out this post, I felt the best title caption should be – Churn out great ideas on the go- put your thinking cap on. I had ruminated severally on other titles such as How to re-fire your passion, Charging up with your dreams, or Passion on the go!  After much deliberation, I finally settled with my first idea.


The concept of this post came when I had one of those slow motion moments again. Moments when I don’t feel like I am making waves with my life, or the feeling that I should be doing more or better still, the will and courage to crash a particular goal. For me, the feeling usually is that of self-pressure, self-performance and the desire to put my thinking cap on to doing more. I finally subsided the feeling by putting my pen to work. I knew that, I couldn’t allow such feeling go away just like that. As a writer, I know that my feelings most time, gives me the greatest inspiration to write articles.  Away from my me story, I will tell you exactly what I mean by putting your thinking cap on

My definition of putting your thinking cap on

Without much grammar, my definition of putting your thinking cap is a time, period or series of events that leads to critically thinking a way forward, churning out genuine ideas and fully maximizing the brain to work. For some, this exercise comes easy, but for others, it comes by inspiration. For the latter category, it therefore means that, they need to be inspired by something or someone. This in itself is not bad, as we all need good stimulants. I fall into the latter category, and I often want to learn and share on some of the ways I usually get inspiration.

How I put my thinking cap on to get Inspiration

There are several ways an individual can put his thinking cap on. This exercise is not a rigid one. For many individuals, as I said earlier, this comes easily, but for the benefit of many others who are like me, and need some form of motivation, I am sharing 3 practical ways I get to put my thinking cap on.

Opening my eyes and mind to seeing beyond the seen

One of the very funny things I often do, is to read deep meanings to common day things (lol). For example, I remember when I wrote the article, more than a bath, I shared from experience the many other benefits of using a bathroom aside cleaning up.  But really, this exercise of giving deep meaning to things has helped me draw lots of inspiration. Putting my thinking cap on requires that I see things, see people, see events and see places. This way, my mind is fed and alert to new stuffs.  Basically, as one goes through daily activities, the mind and eyes should be opened to seeing things, opportunities and possibilities.


Engaging in reasonable discussions

This one works for me big time. One of the ways I get to put my thinking cap on and churn out bright ideas is when I engage in some very meaningful discussions. The reason why I love this so much is that, I often learn, relearn and unlearn during such discussions. My mind is usually alert and gets working immediately. I also practice the habit of listening deeply during conversations, and allowing people share their ideas with me. Brain Tracy calls this form of communication – The Listening Power.


Reading extensively and deliberately to activate my thinking cap

Do you want to put your thinking cap on every time, then pick a good book to read. This is practical and not theory for me. I remember severally, how I have gotten great ideas for some of my articles just by reading a book. While reading the book, it could be a line, a quote, a sentence or even a word that inspires me. While writing this post, this great article helped my understanding of the subject matter – Does reading make you smarter. If you are yet to develop the habit of reading regularly, then you just might be cheating yourself out of great opportunities.


In Conclusion

Running a busy schedule should never be an excuse for you not to put your thinking cap on, and generate bright ideas. As we all know, the systems of the world is so designed to stop and prevent us from progressing, advancing and making moves. But if we ever want to achieve great feats in life, we need to rise on the offensive, be self-disciplined by putting our thinking caps on, on the go!  I leave you with this quote by Elbert Hubbard

”Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not”.



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