Seeing I go Childless

I just want to think- what was going on on Father Abraham’s mind when he asked the lord: what will you give to me seeing I go childless in Genesis chapter 15. Could this same loving God, who blessed me with so much wealth, and fame, cause me to be childless? Could he not care enough that I also want to rock my son in my arms. Who will I will all my properties to? Who will bear my name when I lay to sleep with my ancestors? I bet to believe that all these thoughts must have run through Father Abraham’s mind before he asked the lord that question.

And you know what?

Asking the question wasn’t a bad idea at all. He simply wanted to know what his chances were. He wanted to hear first-hand information, which no one was telling him.

Are you also in this kind of situation? Do you also have questions bothering your heart? Then just like father Abraham, ask the Lord, not out of fear, but in faith.

It is interesting to even know that what Abraham was asking for was not even a direct- God give me a child. He was asking, what else do you have in store for me? I am inferring, he was asking, if an heir won’t come directly from my bowels, then you should have an alternative.

Do you know what I like about his question?

He knew that the God he served surely had good plans, but maybe not just the way he must have envisaged his miracle child would have come. What this tells us is that, even when all hope seems to be lost, and nothing is working naturally, there is a God who is on the throne and can make the impossible possible.

And you know what God did for him?

He elevated his vision. The lord simply said, Abraham, come out and look at the sky. Try your best, put all your mathematical formulas together, and try to count the stars. Number them, do that if you can.

And that was the very answer Abraham needed. That all by himself, he won’t be able to have a child, he knew that what God was up to was bigger than anything he could have done or will ever do. And that was God’s promise to him.

What does this story teach us?

1. When things are unclear to you, ask the lord questions

2. Even when things seem so tough, God is working, he never rests or retires

3. Our human mind cannot possibly put together the kind of blessing that God wants to give to you, so RELAX

4. Trust the Lord with all your heart

5. Look not unto men for help, look to the heavens


This is my current meditation, and I decided to share it with you. I trust you have been encouraged by it.

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