Showing Empathy This Season

Who would have thought that this time last year, we would be forced to sit and work from home, with restrictions on public gathering, no handshakes,  and worst of all, no physical place to worship. Inst it funny that we all have accepted this necessary restriction, as the only way to curb the wide spread of the global pandemic ravaging the world today. Truly,  the world is going through a global shaking that will definitely affect the way we live and interact with one another from henceforth.

It will also be very impossible for anyone to deny the effect the current pandemic is having on us, from loss of life, properties and most importantly lack of free human relationship. In the midst of it all, we all are going through a trying time and as such we need each other more than ever before. The news on the television doesn’t fail to feed us in on all the record of lives this pandemic claiming daily. But when you hear of this, , what comes to mind?

Do you feel it is happening to just some people somewhere on the planet earth or do you really feel concerned that  the world is in serious danger?

I am not even here to throw blames at anyone right now, we humans have one time or the other been selfish before.  If it doesn’t happen in our camp, then all is  well.

But what if it isn’t happening to us or people around us, what should we do?

I believe that we have a responsibility of being each others keeper, and this doesn’t only mean those that we have a close relationship with, but even strangers we have never met before. This is what empathy teaches us, that we can intentionally carry others burden and try to feel what they are going through. For only by this can we truly say we care indeed.

Thinking of how to show empathy this season, try doing the following:

Praying :I know prayer changes things, and I also know that when we pray it isn’t in vain. I  believe that if there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer prayers. More than ever before, the world needs our deep heartfelt prayers. Pray of people going through pains, for families who are separated or have lost loved ones and for those who are in deer needs. This cannot be too much to do, trust me.

Give  Words of Encouragement: This is the season to really speak positively, to yourself and to those around you. There is already so much happening to people. It isn’t the time to dampen peoples spirit with negative vibes.  Say a word of comfort to someone at every given opportunity you get. We are in this together, aren’t we?

Give to Those in Need: More than ever before, what this season has shown us is that beyond just sending messages of hope, there is a need to give materially. There is so much need in the world right now, and there is nothing too small to give out.put a smile on a face, give out some foodstuffs, cash and anything that will make another comfortable this season.

In Conclusion

As we go through this season together, let us keep faith alive, with full assurance that no  matter what happens we would be preserved and will come out this together.

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Joyce Olawunmi

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