Sometimes it’s alright not to have everything figured out

Sometimes it’s alright not to have everything figured out. This is one truth I am embracing lately, and I feel a lot of people might be in my shoes too, trying to figure out their lives.

So today, as I sat in my office chair this morning, I thought a lot about how far the month had gone already. Interestingly, today happens to be the 7th day in the 5th month of the year 2019.  No doubt, the year 2019 is running on a very fast lane.

So let me tell you this story

Lately, I had just been having this very unhappy feeling, marking out my calendar on the to-do’s that I have set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. I had so many things I planned out to do, and I remember starting the year on a very high note. But hey, I thought that energy will be sustained throughout the year? why am I feeling so much dissatisfaction and it isn’t even the end of the year yet?


So I realised that I had been paying so much attention to my feelings and it was robbing me off from appreciating the milestones I had already achieved this year.  I realised that that the current level of dissatisfaction  I was feeling was basically because I just wanted to have everything figured in my life. I had been giving myself so much heartache with unnecessary worries, and I knew I had to change. On my own, I knew that I couldn’t change, so I talked to ”My God”.


He spoke his word of comfort to me by pointing my attention back to his word. And so I came up with this short encouraging write-up and it will surely be of benefit to you.

Here it is below:

Who else is trying to figure out their lives too? Well, I am, and I am not afraid to say so.

You know a lot of times, the expectations people place on us at a certain stage of our life is so enormous, and we often cannot carry the weight on our tiny shoulders. 
Do you know that some questions such as: when will you do this? Or when will you do that? Could sound like a very sincere concern from others, but most often than not, these questions just put a lot of unnecessary pressure on us.

See, it is OK not to have everything figured out right now, it is fine not to know the next big thing you should be doing, and it is OK to be at a spot and keep mastering the skill set that you are learning. Basically, it is fine to still be HERE!

Say no to undue pressure!! 

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