Speaking on Self Confidence

Speaking on Self Confidence, you sure need it at every point of your life’s journey. You know why? This is what will make you stand and be able to face and win life’s battles.

A lot of times, people seldom pay attention to things that destroys their Self Confidence because they don’t how important it is to keep up a high level of Self Confidence.

Personally, I have had lots of instances where I have been pushed to the wall, and things have shaken me so much, that I almost lost my Self Confidence. It took me a while to build my Self confidence, and I keep building it everyday.

Funnily, it might seem as though people with a high level of self Confidence are arrogant but they aren’t. They just know what they want out of life.

Let me define what I mean by Self confidence

In simple terms, Self Confidence  is that inward disposition you are at, that reflects on how you conduct yourself to the world. It is how you see yourself and how you behave and relate with people.

Interestingly, a lot of people complain about how others behave to them, but they often forget that it is the way they project themselves out that determines how people will relate with them.

I am not disputing the fact that bullies exist. Those who always want to cheat you on your right, whether you give them the permission to do so or not. Remembering those seniors that bully you for your provision and pocket-money back then in Secondary school. Those didn’t need your permission to bully you, they just had the upper hand over you then.

But do you know that some people still allow others bully them even as adults?

Let me give one very common example of how this happens

So many people are losing their Self Confidence because of negative, self degrading words others speak to them. And instead of refuting such words, either in private or public, they hold on to them, ruminate over them, and even believe them.

Hell NO!

You shouldn’t allow what others say to you be the way you define yourself because if you did, you just might be on the verge of loosing your Self Confidence.

It is true that some people have higher Self Confidence than others, but I truly believe that everyone can build themselves up to posses a high level of Self Confidence.

To doing so, try out the following

1. Watch out for people, environments that makes you feel less Self Confident and run away from them. And even if you must be in such places at all cost, build your inner strength so much that what they say or do wont get your core being.

2. Always talk yourself up at every given instance. This battle of Self Confidence always starts from the mind, and it is dependent on your perception of who you truly are inwardly. You need to be able to fight the real battles in your mind that seem to limit how you think of yourself. Write out positive words (confessions) of who you truly want to be, and keep saying them to yourself.

3. Surround yourself with lots of positive energy

Your company will play a very significant role in helping you build up your Self Confidence. Stay around people who motivate you, inspire you, and speak the truth to you in love. You need a lot of positive energy your way, and you need the right kind of people to supply you with such energy.

In Conclusion

It is never too late to start building your Self Confidence. Regardless of who you have been in the past, there is a better you that you can project to the world, starting from now.

Pick yourself up from where you are and start building your inner strength. Take it a step at a time, let your mindset be shaped to thinking more positively. You are GOLD and have a lot more to offer to beautify your world.

So get up, and start building today.

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Joyce Olawunmi

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