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Staying Connected With God On The Go!

Staying connected with God on the go
Staying connected with God on the go

Do you want to stay connected with God on the go? Do you want to cultivate a daily walk with God? Then you should read this very practical and helpful piece written by Victor OGBARA.

PV as fondly called by many is legal practitioner by training, an alumni of the Daystar Leadership Academy, an astute Project manager, Farmer, and Content Developer. He is the convener of MAN-UP conference with the vision to rediscover the essence of the male-man. He believes one of the greatest contribution we can make to the society is to raise the male man especially as a responsible father. He passionately serves and worships at HarvestHouse Christian Centre (HCC), Ibadan.

The 20 year old Naomi Osaka tore the news media apart when she won the 2018 US open against Serena Williams. She said before she was declared the winner how she revered Serena Williams and how she looked forward to playing her, and voila, she won! I bet her wishes were not the only thing that contributed to her success but also the daily routine that she has kept with grit.

A superb fellowship with GOD is definitely possible even if you stay in Lagos or you prefer to call her Lasgidi; reputed to be the most populous city in Africa and one of the most populous urban agglomerations rated by CNN as the third most stressful city in the world 2017

Whats your excuse?

The struggles of keeping up with daily demands in a place like Lagos is real, but not real enough to keep you from staying connected with GOD. You could stay on the mainland and work on the Island, still get to share tiny roads with school buses, or worse still, you struggle to secure a seat on a BRT or the yellow bus popularly called “MOLUE”  oops! pardon me, I know you order for Taxify or Uber but whatever your choice of getting to work, have you noticed that once people secure their butt a resting place, they are on a lock down for a quick nap? This could be as a result of stress they go through daily. But then, does it mean that amidst it all, we cannot stay connected with GOD whilst running our daily schedule?

Many believers are finding it challenging to maintain an atmosphere of GOD’s presence as they go through their day and this is not only telling on their physical health, but much more on their spiritual health. Just like our body have requirements for health and growth, so also does our Spirit man as a merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones (Pro 17:22).

True realities of life 

Every day, there are countless activities seeking our attention but it is our responsibility to prioritize and pay attention to the crux of the matter. For every human relationship you can find an easy replacement but GOD is irreplaceable; HIS presence you cannot do without and HIS absence you cannot afford.

Know This

No one can stay strong permanently without regaining strength. But then, you and I can be an up-up person in a down-down world by the force of Grace harnessed through a lifestyle of consistent communion with GOD.

From Daniel 11:32b, the bible teaches that those who know their GOD will be strong and do exploit, and invariably, those who don’t know their GOD will be weak and exploited!

In this life, we need strength in our inner man, we need our spirit strong so that we can be more than equal to any challenge that comes our way. This strength is supplied to us in the secret place.As I often say, to remain strong in life, never make GOD an emergency exit in your life, but a partner you communicate with, daily.


How you can stay connected with God on the go

1.Studying God’s word: To practically achieve this, listen to a sermon on your way to work, subscribe to a devotional or even listen to an audio bible. Every day, create an intentional time to study the word of GOD, no matter how short the time may be. Our commitment to GOD’S Word ought to be our utmost priority, because all we ever need in this life is wrapped up in His word. If we want to live in GOD’s presence we need to shut the world out and tune in to GOD once a day, every day, without fail. We need to lay aside our other concerns and focus on GOD, talk to HIM and sit quietly for HIS voice. And remember, GOD’s ultimate goal is to make us much more than we are right now.

Bottom-line, build up yourself by listening to God’s word. Acts 20:32, 1st Pet 2:2, 2nd Pet 1:22.

2.Praying Consistently: Another way to stay connected with GOD on the go is praying consistently especially praying in tongues. Prayerless people cut themselves off from GOD’s prevailing power, and the frequent result is the familiar feeling of being overwhelmed, overrun, beaten down, pushed around, and defeated. Prayer is key to unlocking GOD’s prevailing power in life. Your adventure in prayer begins when you are willing to listen to God’s voice. Friends, hearing God’s voice is so real and practical.

You can pray about anything, wherever you are and you don’t have to be timid because GOD wants to listen to you. GOD is interested in your prayers because HE is interested in you. Whatever matters to you is priority for GOD’s attention. If a goal is really important to me, I’ll discipline myself in order to achieve it. You can do same too with prayers.

The ruler of this world will do anything including “busyness” to put out that fire burning on your inside and it’s important you don’t let him. The excuse most people give to not pray is that they do not have time to pray daily (hmm).We all are gifted with equal 24 hours daily and we can schedule our prayer time out of it.

To pray consistently daily, apply these 4 actions points:

-Praying regularly
-Praying privately
-Praying sincerely
-Praying specifically

3.Having constant devotion on the go: Any vehicle going on a journey will need to fuel up. That is why you have to do that thing called “devotion” every morning (or the time most convenient for you) because that’s how you fuel up and fire from all cylinder for the day. Daily devotions helps us grow intentionally. The truth is, we cannot grow our walk with God without being intentional about it.Create structures for daily devotions that works best for you.

In Conclusion

Substantial growth requires real roots. When you know what you value, making the right choice will not be difficult. As you make your communion with GOD a priority you will begin to build momentum and things will begin to align such that even when you don’t have obvious answers to questions of life, you still have an overwhelming assurance, peace and a dimension of strength like never before. If relationships are leverage in life, the most important relationship you as a believer must treasure is your relationship with GOD. If you wake up tomorrow and the whole of Asia have started an hashtag against you on twitter with the backup of the United Nations Security Council, be assured that one with GOD is still a majority.

Multiplied Blessings!


To connect with Victor Ogbara and learn more on how to stay connected with GOD daily, please visit his IG page:ogbara_victor



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