Staying focused on your dreams

staying focused on your dreams
staying focused on your dreams

One of the many things I am learning in my adult life is staying focused on my dreams. To be very sincere with you, I had always thought that staying focused on your dreams means having big dreams, planning on it and even taking action too. But lately, I am learning it means much more than that.

What then does it mean to be staying focused on your dreams

This definition is gotten from what I have been learning lately. Staying focused on your dreams means the attitude you have even when carrying out your dreams and facing adverse adversaries. To be sincere, the bigger the dream, the greater the adversaries.

So I wonder a lot, how do some people get to achieve so much of their dreams, and then they juggle many balls at the same time?

This word from my mentor clearly answers this –  ”In life, know how to juggle the right balls in the right season”.

It is one thing to have many dreams and then you begin to feel overwhelmed about achieving them. This happens to me a lot, but I believe that staying focused on dreams in a matter of applying certain principles. This can be of help;

1. Be very clear about what you want to achieve from the beginning

2. Set very realistic goals too

3. Plan on how to achieve them

4. Keep moving ahead in the face of adversities

5. Believe in yourself and trust the process you are taking.


As you move ahead with your dreams, remember, the tides will always rise, the storms will always be there, cos that’s nature, but just like apostle Peter did in the Holy Bible, cry out when you need help, and keep moving against the tides.


Enjoy this short video by Simon SinekHow to stay focused

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