Stop playing safe, step out of your comfort zone

You know one truth I have come to realise lately? Playing safe does not help anyone in this life. By doing the same thing all the time, and being afraid of making moves, simply because you don’t know what lies out there. Not only does playing safe keep people stagnant, but it also keeps them moving around in circles.

Can I tell you something?

There is no one who has made the decision to play safe with their dreams that ever amounted to anything significant in their generation.

Do you know how I know this?

Their names are nowhere to be found. No one knows them, and the things they did. They simply lived their lives, in their comfort zone, being careful about everything.

Another shocking truth is that many people settle for this kind of life because they don’t believe that there is a better life they can live. Furthermore, they don’t even strive to know that there is something more than they can achieve. This could be as a result of the kind of relationships they have kept in the past, as they might have been the superheroes in their circle.


Sometimes, you might be settling for little, not living to your full potential, because you are the star in your circle, and there is no one to challenge you to do better.

Do you know what I’ll advise?

STEP OUT, of that circle. Look for things that will challenge you more. Look above, see what your role models and other great achievers are doing, elevate your vision and reach for more.

A mentor said something that stuck with me some years ago. She said, as humans, we must constantly be reaching for something more at every point of our lives, be it in our career, family, passion projects and any other form of self-development.

As I wrap up this post, I like to say that playing safe sometimes might be a result of the mentality we have had in the past. Such that we don’t think striving for what we desire is a good practice. But believe me, to move up, you need to be able to challenge yourself that there is more to reach out for, and actually work towards it.

Here are some things that can be of help to help you step out and reach for more:

  • Register for that professional course
  • Apply for that degree program
  • Send out your CV for that job
  • Strike up conversations and build relationships
  • Don’t play small whatsoever

I trust you have been inspired by the post. Never forget, that there is always much more you can achieve, you only need to stop plating safe, and step out of your comfort zone.

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Joyce Olawunmi

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