The basic reason why I loved mathematics while growing up was simple, 1 + 1 is always = 2.  This singular fact helped my understanding of  solving mathematical problems. Provided I knew the formula and applied BODMAS principle to it; I sure would get an answer – either right or wrong .



English language on the other hand was not my thing. I know I speak good English, even have fine handwriting, but when it comes to summarizing a 600 word comprehension passage into 3 lines, I just fumble.  First it takes great grace to even understand  the content of the  long passages ,and then  finding a way to write out my thought to suit my English teacher ……(big stress).



So I prefer to roll with  Mathematics . Basically, what  was equired of me was to compose my thoughts in a logical path to answering the essay questions. Well in a way, it’s a strategy for English I couldn’t understand-different cane for different strokes.

Coming to the corporate world and hearing the word STRATEGY used every now and then , I began to understand the importance of the word to getting work done. I agree totally with Merriam Webster’s dictionary  definition of Strategy : a careful plan or method for achieving particular goal usually over a long period of time. So that means  Strategy is everything done between the conception of an idea and its actualization.

It’s the 21st day in the second month of the year 2018, and I love to ask – do you have strategies crafted for fulfilling your goals this year?

Well, you might not have it all figured out yet, but if there is a desire to live better, do better,  be better by the end of this year ,then it means something has to be achieved (a goal).



If you are like me still figuring out how so many things will play out,you might consider taking these few advice to heart:

  1. Live each day happy knowing you still have life to live: a heavy heart doesn’t translate to getting things done.
  2. Laugh heartily, give your heart a good treatment, that way,  you will have a clear head to think and plan well.
  3. Get some alone moments just for you. Erhmmm,you have talked about that goal for so long, but do you know how to move or start on it?
  4. Talk to someone, be open to conversations, your next door neighbour might just  have the very answer to the questions of your heart.
  5. Be conscious of yourserlf, your interest, your attributes and what makes you YOU. That YOU  that only you can give gbam….
  6. Follow a startegy to that dream at heart ,remember an idea will forever remain in its static state except  acted upon ,(culled from Newton’s Third law of motion) .So get up and do what you have to do.




So I ask, what’s your winning strategy for 2018?



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