Strive to become better daily

A happy new month to you!!!

My word of encouragement to you this new month is for you to strive to become better daily. I have been having some thoughts and meditation within myself lately, and one thing is very clear to me- I  haven’t achieved most of my life goals. Sometimes, it feels like I am so close to achieving a major milestone, other times, it feels like there is nothing moving.

Do you also feel the same way sometimes? Then, let’s talk

I believe that every human on earth must have had this type of experience at one point in time of their life or the other. Especially those of us in our Adulthood stage. I realise that the kind of things we often think of is the so many responsibilities that keep piling on our shoulder.

Some of my friends around conclude that ”Adulthood is a Scam”. Well, I believe so too. There are so many things we weren’t told as children, about what life would present to us, especially, the many decisions we would need to make in becoming better individuals. Were they shielding us from being scared at living life? Well, I believe our parents/ guardians did their best to teach us about life. And then, they left us to figure out living it ourselves.

I often want to believe that every individual is responsible for how his or her life turns out to be. But much more than that, there is a future that we all dream of having/living. Though this won’t fall on our hands like manna from heaven, the system of life is designed in a way that it presents to you steps to take to become better.

Can I tell you this simple truth?

All you need to become the person of your dreams won’t come in a day. It will require you taking simple steps every day, and making a conscious effort to become better daily.

While striving to become better daily, these things can help you:

  1. Keep holding on to your dreams
  2. Believe you can, and will get there
  3. Love yourself
  4. Keep trusting in your process of becoming
  5. Live happily

As you go into the new month, never forget that your goal should be to being better daily. Do not allow anything to deter you from being that person of your dream. And then,  keep striving and reaching for a better you.




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