TGIF People, here is what to do with your idea

what to do with your idea
what to do with your idea

Can we talk on what to do with your idea on this freaky Friday? Friday is definitely one of my best days of the week because the weekend is around the corner, and yes, we are 3 days away from Christmas (breakdancing).

So how have you been? How has the year 2018 been for you? I have had such an eventful year of un-learning, learning and relearning many things. One of the best things I learned this year and I am thankful for is learning what to do with my idea. If you have been following my previous blog post, you will know that I talk on this topic a lot. It is either I coin it in a long essay read, or I write it in a poetic piece (Yeah, sometimes I try my hands out on poetry too).

So before I say all the stories of my life, let me just talk on what’s on my mind- What to do with your idea. In this post, I am sharing 3 proven points that have worked for me and can also work for you too.

3 ways to know what to do with your ideas

Hey, I am not here to give you a BODMAS formula on what to do with your idea, neither will I say there is one formula that works for everyone. But I have learned these things from mentors and friends.

They believe their ideas can be done

No too much talk on this. The very first thing to do with any idea is to believe it can be done. Now, this ain’t no motivational speech, it’s until you see possibilities in the outcome of a thing, you just might never see the idea come to limelight. So I ask you, do you truly believe in your idea?

They believe their ideas will be done

This feels like the first statement, but it is much deeper than that. After believing your idea can be done, you need to take a step further to believe it will be done. In this zone, you actually figure out all the things needed to get your idea rolling, all the plans, strategies and resources you need. This is the tangibility of your idea!

They believe their ideas will be done by them

This is the greatest point for me. It is good to believe so much in your idea, but much more than this, believe and see yourself taking action on your idea. See, let’s face it, many people have very interesting ideas, in fact, such that can save a generation, but you know what, they never see themselves in the picture doing it. Hehehe, Who says you can’t be who you truly want to be? Who says you aren’t that smart enough? Who says you can’t profit with your idea?

In Conclusion

At every point in our lives, it is good for us to dream and have bright ideas. But much more than that, there is a need to take actions on them. But first things first, your belief system must be so strong enough to take the required action needed.


To learn more on how to take action on your idea, enjoy this inspiring video from Simon Sinek.










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