The 10 minutes principle

I learned the 10 minutes principle from Brian Tracy’s book on ‘’The Psychology of selling’’. The book was for sales personnel on how to improve their sales tactic. I enjoyed reading it so much as it gave me insights into not just selling of products but key points on personal development. I will relay in details what this talks about:

What is the 10 minutes Principle?                                                                                                          The 10 minutes principle is the short time set aside to immediately and exactly carry out an activity based on the information you just received. This can also be called action points needed to be taken once information has been processed in the brain. Furthermore, it also means attainable goals that one desires to achieve based on the information he or she just received. Basically what you want to achieve based on what you have just learned, or what you want to start doing.

Why is this important?                                                                                                                              Using myself as an example, I realise that for some of us, we get to read lots of things, learn so much but when it comes to putting actions to what we have learned, it might pose a little problem since actions were not taken ‘’immediately and exactly’. For example, you learn that reading daily is a good habit to develop your mental capacity, you get fired up and tell yourself,  this is what I will start doing, but the moment you don’t take time to write down how you want to strategically read daily, when and how to get a new book, types of books to begin  reading,  authors that fascinate you, the probability that you will never open a book in the next 6 months is 0.99 and then the moment you realise you haven’t done what you proposed to start doing 6 months ago, you begin to feel bad and think you have a problem with developing a reading habit and reading is for some select few.

How to start applying this principle to get more results in life                                                   It is a proven fact that whatever a person desires to do lie dormant is in his or her sub- consciousness, and it only takes time and lots of effort to and draw out ideas from the subconscious state to reality. Meaning embedded in everyone is the ability to think and produce meaningful innovation.

Having stated above on the importance of the 10 minutes principle, the following steps can serve as a good guide to start putting this principle to use.

  1. Start keeping a personal journal everywhere you go: It’s no longer news that one habit of  highly effective people is that they have a very good journaling habit, they know how to journal their thoughts whether it makes sense or not. Try our writing out each idea that comes to your mind immediately, go back to revisit the idea and you will be so amazed at how much flesh you can add to that seemingly small thought to produce gigantic results.
  2. Do exactly and immediately: It is good to journal and write down ideas, but much more important is to strategize on how to take actions on them. Basically, a strategy is a path taken to achieve a long term goal. Aside having strategy, you also need tactics (this is smart work) to actualize that goal. The clear difference between a strategy and a tactic according to the dictionary is that a strategy is a long term process to achieving a goal, whereas, tactic is the short term process that breaks the strategy to achieving the goals.  You need both.
  3. Spend more time alone with yourself: This works like magic. You don’t necessarily need to start isolating yourself from people because you want to think or use your time judiciously, but you can make every second of your time count. The truth is that your voice doesn’t need to be heard in every meeting or gathering, you don’t necessarily need catch up with every social media update on your phone (I am not saying be anti-social), but just for you to think on the go, start using such small time wisely, add something to yourself each second of the day, developing a consistent habit isn’t by magic, it is real work!

The truth is that, with each passing day, your  to-do list keeps increasing, there is never a time where there won’t be so much to do, so why not start ticking your to- do’s by applying the 10 minutes principle. As I conclude this article, I like to remind us of how powerful the human brain is, it is always ready to work whenever we put it to use, let your mind cooperate with your brain always churning out ideas, start effectively utilizing your small spare time and remember,  there is no such thing as putting too much pressure on yourself because the best time to bear your burden is now.





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