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The 2019 goal setting workbook created by Adegoke Olawunmi is finally out


Good afternoon this Monday today, do you know that the 2019 goal setting workbook I created is out? And guess what, I am giving it out for free to everyone.

The 2019 goal setting workbook has been carefully created to help its users practically set and achieve their goals in 2019. It provides very practical and easy to use tools for measuring your planned goals against your actual performance every month of the year. Hey, let me give you a quick overview of the workbook and how you can enjoy using it.

The sections in the 2019 goal setting workbook

The workbook comprises of 5 chapters, each containing questions and insights to help you set your 2019 goals.

Chapter 1: Introduction to goal setting

In this chapter, I talked about what goal setting is, in its simplest form. This chapter also contains  3 key insights I shared on how to use the workbook.

Chapter 2: Reflection of the year 2018

In this chapter, you will be reflecting on the year 2018, what it was for you in the most honest way.

 Chapter 3: Critical thinking and Inferences

In this chapter, you will be identifying those self-limiting habits that didn’t make you get the best out of 2018 and giving thumbs up to the good habits that helped you.

Chapter 4: Improving habits

In this chapter, you will be identifying the good habits you need to improve on. Trust me, this chapter contains very candid and honest questions that will help you.

Chapter 5: How to set goals

This chapter contains a template for you to use to set your 2019 goals. This is the highlight of the 2019 goal setting workbook.

In Conclusion

I am so excited to share the 2019 goal setting workbook with you. Each chapter of the 2019 goal setting workbook is practical and very easy to use. To get a copy of this workbook,  please click on this link  2019 goal setting workbook and you will immediately get your copy for free!!!

Please note: This workbook is available only in e- format, and can be accessed on any smart device on the go!


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