The battle of the mind is real!!!

The battle of the mind is real. I know you must have heard this so many times. But in as much as we hear that the battle of the mind is real, why is it that so many people are still bound by so many mind limiting thoughts.

This post is like me ranting, and telling myself, enough is enough!! For myself and the people around me to live an average life, simply because our minds keep telling us we aren’t good enough, or we don’t deserve the good things of life.

See, I am not here to talk like a motivational speaker, telling you things you do not know about. I am here to tell you how to leverage the power of your mind and move your life in the right direction.

3 random facts about the mind

  1. The mind is the powerhouse of your life. Everything you will ever amount to first starts from your mind
  2. You cannot live a life above the way you think
  3. The kind of things you attract into your life is a function of what you think on

Believe me,

We have been so cheated in our generation, blinded by religion that we most times think that when certain things happen to us, it is because of some enemies somewhere working against us.


I am not even here to dispute that there are real battles to be fought against the kingdom of darkness, but this battle will not be won if you haven’t been able to win the battle of your mind. For example, you cannot be thinking that you are not beautiful enough to be married, or smart enough to get a certain kind of job, and expect to get such good things in life.


You know what the bible says in Proverbs 23:7, as Man thinks in his heart so is he.  This means that you are what you think about.

Can I please ask you to stop thinking negatively about yourself? Haaa, that something you have always desired hasn’t come yet into your life isn’t because there is something wrong with you. God has created you uniquely and special, and he has great plans for your life. Do not allow anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

I know you might say this, erhmm, you don’t really understand my peculiarity

See, I know and I understand very well because we all on earth fight similar battles in our minds. NO ONE IS EXEMPT!  So, settle this in your mind, there is nothing too big happening to you that someone else isn’t going through too. We just might not all say what is on our minds, but hey, we all are fighting constant battles in our minds.

Here is what I am saying oo…

  • You cannot fight this mind battle alone. You need Jesus Christ to help you. Open up your heart and receive him into your heart and ask him to help you fight to win
  • When you have thoughts of condemnation, insecurities, fear coming to you, please open your mouth and rebuke such voices. Don’t even allow them LAND!!
  • Replace negative thoughts/ with positive thoughts and words that you SPEAK OUT  to yourself
  • Write out confessions that you will keep saying to yourself. Haaa, this is how to heavily condition your mind to the realities of who you truly want to be
  • Fight to win,  yes, YOU CAN


I listened to a message that talks on how we can fight to win the battles of the mind by Pastor Debola Deji Kurunmi (DDK). Please, download it here and listen to it. You will surely know that this mind battle is real,  and you have the responsibility to fight it yourself.

PS: Please help share this post with your friends, this will help them a lot. If you need help personally on how to fight this battle of the mind, please send me a mail:, or send me a WhatsApp message on 07032806206. I would be glad to be of help.




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