The beauty of love

Many men have done valiantly well,
but you excel them all..
let me steal and paraphrase from the words of the great King Solomon

As a young and beautiful lady
I have always wondered
What’s the colour of love
Or how can one tell it’s beautiful?

Blame me not oo
Am no macho woman
Blood runs through my veins too

I have had boyfriends in the past
But none could ever reach my heart
Or even add colour to the Love they profess

So I guarded my heart safely
Till the day I will find Love
Even if I secretly craved for that experience

Knock knock knock
I entertained them all
Dark,fair skinned,awesomely tall and relatively short..
My personality always attracted them

What else would you expect
From a well trained preachers’ kid
Mom taught me to always be friendly and accommodating
As visitors often frolicked our house

I was just minding my business jejely
Following my passion
And he came around
Intellectually sound,handsomely built
So I got attracted

I put on the defensive as usual
But he softly broke down the walls
And reached to my deep within

This time I needn’t no one
To show me the color of love
For I saw it brightly
Through his cardiovascular prism

I couldn’t deny what I saw
I knew surely
My safe haven had come
And this time
It’s for better for best

Joyce Tere’s writing 040216

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Joyce Olawunmi

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  • Lol
    Wow really,
    And, I am still wondering if love is a breathe, why can’t I make it tangible, if it is not a picture why can’t I make it visible.
    Am not sure how well to perceive love, is it an aroma, smell, scent, or odour.
    One thing am sure of you have answers to my lingering request.

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