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The Look- see; how we see others

Look- see
Look- see

The Look- see. This inspiring article was written by my new friend Emeka Ehirim. Emeka doubles up as a software developer writing ‘’CODES’’ and also a creative writer sharing his thoughts in short articles. In this post, he talks about a concept he calls the ‘’Look- see’’. I can tell you, it’s an inspiring read. Enjoy his interesting piece.

Every man has a view and so every man has a Look-see.  And every day, every time he uses judgment, he puts it to use.
There are all sorts of men:

There’s the man with the Telescope. This is he who from afar, makes whole negative judgments about others and would not come close to know his fellow. Such a man goes away with his thinking, proven neither right nor wrong. None the wiser; all the poorer. His world is solo and distant. Never be such a man.

There’s the other with the Microscope. This is he who looks intently to see the little bitty wrongs in others and is not content with the view: “hey, that’s a great guy”. Quick to discredit a man, he picks out the other ’s indiscernible flaws. His world is tiny and cynical. Never be such a man.

Another has the Magnifying lens. It is he who blows men’s faults out of proportion and exaggerates the other’s transgression. ‘Making much ado about nothing’, he has the special ability to ‘make a mountain of a molehill’. His world is a mere fuss. Never be such a man.

What sort of man, then, ought you to be?

There’s the man with the Mirror. It is he who looks at himself each day and makes amends. He sees how he can be better. He sees a reflection of himself in the other and so has humanity. Each day he asks himself: ‘What sort of man ought I to be?’

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