The mind is the battlefield- Fight to win

the mind is the battlefield
the mind is the battlefield

Talking about the mind is the battlefield, I know a lot has been said on this subject. In fact, one of my favorite preachers –  Joyce Meyer shares so much light and insight on this topic in her book- The battlefield of the mind. In this post, I am talking about something so real, even more, real than the cloth we wear.

So personally, I have been fighting this battle, not knowing exactly what name to give to it, the constant struggles within me that I can’t even voice out to another. But thank God, through his word, I now know what it is. Just before we proceed, let me take some time to define what I mean by the mind is the battlefield.

What does the mind is the battlefield mean?

This means that our mind is where we wage war and fight battles. This type of battle is the constant inner discussions that go on within us, that most likely isn’t heard by anyone else, and which has a greater influence on who we are and what we eventually become.

From experience, I know that this battle is so real because I constantly experience it. But having come to know, that this type of battle is not what we fight or face casually, neither do we approach it emotionally, I have learned to fight better. Furthermore, Jesus emphasizes this in John 10:19-10, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Permit me to say, that the first place the devil launches his attack is in our minds, and once he can get a foothold from there, he completes his evil operation, but rejoice, because, we already have the victory in Jesus Christ.

Practically, how may we fight this battle to win?

  1. Take the word of God to heart: The truth is that the word of God is our defense mechanism. When the devil is trying to attack your mind, don’t remain calm, don’t even remain silent, voice out God’s word to him.
  2. Guard what comes to your heart and mind: This is mind-blowing. The battle field of the mind starts with the things that come into the mind. Constantly place a personal guard over your mind. Do not allow any form of negativity to stay there. You can and should regulate your thoughts.
  3. And even if you find yourself not being able to stand, do not give in to the devil because faithful is he that has called you, and will keep you from falling. Reach out to God in faith.


In conclusion, please be vigilant, do not allow the devil cheat you out of living your best life, and that which God designed for you to live.

Fight the battle of the mind and WIN







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