The one I love- Onitemi


Onitemi is the one I love

The one I know

And the one I want to know some more


Onitemi is his name

I have called him Ifeanyichuckwu when I didn’t know his details

Onitemi my love, I coined the name especially for you


Why is love so deep, so pure, so fresh and so wanting?

I could climb the hills for you

Sail the deepest ocean just to be with you


O! no distance’s too far to reach you

Nothing in itself is too much to give to you

Nothing too dear, to let go for you


I waited patiently for you

I cried night and day to know who you are

Your love was surely worth the wait

For I didn’t lose myself in waiting


Onitemi I believed you would come in your time

I knew you were taking the kingly strides to come to take your queen

I knew you were dotting the I’s to cross my T’ees in shape


Onitemi, my very own

The one for me, and the one I want

I thank you for giving me your heart

For upholding mine securely

And keeping safe my trust


I have held on to your love

For though others don’t see what I see in you

Or why I am crazily in love with you

I see you for who you are


I see you deep, beyond eyes can see

I see love un-defiled sparkling in your eyes

I see the one my heart longs for everyday

I see you, my own ONITEMI

About the author

Joyce Olawunmi

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