The Smooth Sail, Ride With Your Dreams

The smooth sail will come, but after you have tried all else

The smooth sail will come after you have given it all it takes

The smooth sail will come after you have spent maybe your last

The smooth sail will come after you’ve stepped out to try


I know many a few who have big dreams

Some scary and intimidating to the eye view

They talk and say their dreams to all who care to listen

They have books, journals and drafts of their daymares


Peradventure their dreams are so high and lofty

For another to see and believe

They sail in it, from morning till dusk

They burn candles to gist and chat of their big dreams

And of this great vision given to none save themselves


I know a man who folds his arms to sleep

A lady who stands at akimbo displaying her beauty

They both have just one thing in common

No work, No work, but hopes for tomorrow


I have watched them sail in their lofty dreams for years

Best of all to live in palaces and eat the best

Their dreams could be intimidating

But night and day, I still find them dreaming


At the brink of time, I hear their complaints

Their shout and screams, of how life has been unfair to them

I act as a judge on the matter

But hearing their story of constant dreaming without actions

I choose to take sides with life and its unfair reward


A little sleep, a little slumber

So has their penury come on them

The wise words of King Solomon sums their story up in few words


I vow never to be like them or end up in their shoes

I know I have dreams and aspirations too

But I have seen that dreaming takes one nowhere save faraway dreamland


I have learned from them

To put my brain and hands to work

If I want my dreams to ever come true

And not just to sit and dream

Of owning castles and empires someday



About the author

Joyce Olawunmi


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