This August, choose to be grateful

This August, choose to be grateful.

A happy new month to you. I am so happy to be alive to see the 8th month in the year 2019. And I am also glad that you are also alive. One of the best things I have been learning lately is that it pays to always be grateful. I had a deeper understanding of this earlier today, as I got to the office.

Do you know what I realised about being grateful?

Gratefulness transcends what you have or don’t have. It is a deliberate state that you choose to stay at for your own happiness. It means being thankful for your life and how far you have come, knowing that there will be a better tomorrow.

Sometimes, it’s really not easy to remain grateful. In fact, life will always want to make you feel there is really nothing actually worth being grateful for. The new heights you want to attain, the new job, connection, relationship, money might all still be pending in your life…(life is life).

But what if we choose to be grateful then what?

I believe that in this life, we will surely have challenges and lemons being thrown at us. There will be things that will want to shake us and make us feel like life won’t ever get better. Every one of us must have been or is still at this phase in our lives at one point or the other.

Through it all

God is still faithful! I have come to know that the way to view and life is to ask the Holy Spirit to help you. This help could be by him elevating your vision above the pains, giving you a new perspective to life, or even comforting you through the storm.

I can tell you this

You may look at your life and think there is nothing to be grateful for. But being alive is a blessing, and with God on your side, there are sure better days and experiences to come. Don’t ever allow what you are going through now make you a gloomy and an invariably ungrateful person. Choose your mode, choose your confession, choose your peace.

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