This is my life, I am living it

This is my life
This is my life

This is my life
Sometimes I like it, other times I feel stuck
Stuck on un-met dreams and ideas
And thinking of the next move to make

This is my life
I am full of life, ideas, and inspiration
I see pictures, dream dreams
I know of a future not so far away
And a place I always want to be

This is my life
I wake up each morning
Run through the hustle of EKO busy road
To earn a living and survive

This is my life, a young woman full of love
And joy without limits
Not just for the things I have
But the many things I have gone through

This is my life
Somedays I am fired up with ideas
Bursting forth with so much energy
Intense enough to light up a bulb

This is my life
I neither dream of a fairytale wedding
Or have a picture of TDH in particular
Ifeanyichukwu will surely be the best fit when he comes
For I have lived in contentment
From childhood until date

This is my life
Some days I feel lonely
And want a company to cheer me up
But on some other days
I just want to be left alone
To enjoy my ME alone moments

This is my life
I see and admire people with great vision
Who are taking giant strides with their ideas
And winning with their dreams
For they are role models to me always

This is my life
I love my maker, and daily talk to him
Sincerely from my heart
For I trust in his love for me
Even times when I go through the fire or life raging storm

This is my life
I don’t consider myself any perfect
But I love the life I live daily
For though I always see how I can be better by the day
I  am convinced  of this truth daily
That I am a step closer  into the woman I see in the mirror


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Joyce Olawunmi

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