This thing called failure

That you failed today doesn’t mean you will fail tomorrow
That you gave the all you knew
Worked the longest hours doesn’t mean you will not end up well

This is the mystery of failure
Sometimes it’s a test, a trail to prove your tenacity
Your endurance, and maybe sometimes your patience

See my friend, we all fail
But it depends on how you choose to fail
For some they fail forward, for others they FALL down

To fail isn’t the end of the world
What it may mean is that try harder,
or try another route

Too many times people give up
They give up on their dreams
And aspirations to rise to the top
Little do they know that such a setback
Was all part of the plan to get to the top

My friend, failure is common to all
Needless to count the no of success stories that hadn’t an atom of failure in it
Everyone sure has a tale of failure in their stories
But many choose to work it to success before it is told in full

Failure, this failure isn’t the end of life
Neither does it mean you will never make it again
I am yet to see a man who kicked against all odds
And didn’t have something to show for it in the end

I know you have done your best
And wondering if there is anything else left to be done
Maybe there is, or maybe it needs to be created
Or probably sought out for more diligently

This I can tell you from my heart
I have failed many times not a few
Even in the easiest things, everyone seems to succeed at
But one thing I have learned and I can say is this
Failure isn’t  the end of life

So my friend, pick up from where you stopped
And try a new stride to your race
For surely in the end
If  you preserve, you will have a victory song to sing

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Joyce Olawunmi

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