This Tuesday, be encouraged by these words

be encouraged
be encouraged

The year is still very young and yes, I am still trying to figure so many things out. Yesterday, I shared on my blog, the 2019 goal setting workbook I created to help people set their yearly goals. You can get it through this link: The 2019 Goal Setting Workbook.

But beyond just setting goals, I really want to talk about something very practical, something I am currently experiencing and I do hope you will learn a thing or two from it.

Here it is…….

Sometime last week, I felt a strong need and desire to put up a post on Facebook, to encourage someone out there to keep taking the baby steps they are taking and trusting their process of becoming. This is an excerpt of it:

‘’Sometimes in life, we get to that stage where it feels like we really don’t know what we are doing or even have a clear understanding of the steps we are taking.

At times like this, you may look on the outside like you’ve got it all figured out, but deep within, you have doubts, you have fears!

Can I tell you this? You are not alone, just keep taking those steps into the destiny you see burning in your heart.

It’s fine not to have it all figured out at once, but the moment you keep taking those baby steps, you keeping knowing what next to do”.

In summary, find your voice and trust your process of BECOMING…


The highlight of my blog writing is to always make you see the need not to ever feel overwhelmed. I know it’s quite easy to fall into the state of non-satisfaction and feel like you aren’t making progress with your life, can I asked that you calm down and believe everything will be fine? cos it surely will!!

In this post, I just want you to be encouraged by these words:

  1. There is a timing for everything on the face of the earth and this includes your life journey.
  2. You are not dull, neither are you not smart. That others have achieved some things you desire to achieve but you haven’t yet doesn’t mean you are lazy, shut the door of negativity and face your journey of becoming.
  3. Celebrate the little steps you are taking right now, that’s the best way to achieve more with your life.

In conclusion

This post is to encourage you to keep believing in yourself and trusting that everything will be fine. Will you like to speak with me personally, to share how you feel, will you like to have a listening ear that you can unburden what’s on your mind to, please feel free to reach me by sending a mail to:


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