This year, fear shouldn’t hold you back

And so it has a name
It is called fear, fear of now, fear of the unknown and fear of tomorrow
Whichever it is called, it does no good to you
Believe me, you think taking that step would hurt
I can’t guarantee it wouldn’t
But why not try and see?

You feel everyone would laugh
Make jest of you if you failed
Other’s opinion is always your focus
But what if I told you it’s all in your head
No one truly cares ’bout you that much

It isn’t a terrain you are used to
You feel you can’t make it through this path
What happens to a ray of hope, a ray of light?
And wondering where it is?
Look within and see the guide

Can I ask you to move a bit more
To try even what you are afraid of doing?
It doesn’t matter how the first step you take turns out
Or the may times you will fail on the road
What matters is that you are moving
And will get there no matter what
If only, and if, you don’t give up this time

About the author

Joyce Olawunmi

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