Times When I feel Alone, I Know You Are There

I know you are there
I know you are there

I know  you are there

Sometimes I just may need an assuring arm
And shoulder to lean on
But as I turn to the feel
I see myself alone

I know you are there
The days and nights I don’t understand me
Or even the overwhelming situation at hand
I am convinced of this very fact
That you are there with me

I know you are there
Keeping watch over my every move
Watching over my steps daily
To give me that very guide I need

I know you are there
Were there even before I was born
You knew me and formed me
Even before I came into this world
Called me by my first name
My beloved, you call me

I know you are there
Even when all hell breaks loose
And no one seems to understand
Even when I carry the deepest of wounds
And scream till my voice becomes faint
I still know you are there

I have been there so many a times
Moments I wanted to hear the sound
Of a lover call me so deeply
And warm my heart with his voice
Wrapping me round like a baby

I know how tough life gets at times
And the unending desires I have in my heart
I know what it means to wait
To wait for a baby or two
Or even a spouse to cuddle at night

My heart keeps longing
And trusting in he who is my maker
For days and night, I may not see his face
His voice gives me all the assurance I need

This very one is there
He left me with a promise
To keep me safe even in this evil world
Far away from the cold world and beyond

I know you are there
My gentle o’d lover
I know you won’t disappoint a bit
In your promise to me
For this is the assurance,
I’d forever hold dear to my heart

About the author

Joyce Olawunmi


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