Today, be intentional about you

Today, be intentional about you!!

This post was written by Okediran Adeyemi. In this post, he shares 4 ways in which we can live a more intentional life and achieve our goals. Enjoy reading this post below;

It is not enough to set goals and simply speak about them. To be whom God has called you to be, you need to be INTENTIONAL about YOU. You need to be deliberate concerning making your years on earth fulfilling.

How then can you be intentional about you?

Being intentional about you, your life, and passion, vision, and destiny means taking deliberate steps into living your life. There sure isn’t any rocket science to doing this, but these things can help you live a more intentional life:

Define a Purpose

Establish what you would like your life to speak and contribute. Find a passion to live for what’s bigger than yourself. Write it down!! Doing this will bring new desiring, new longing to do more with your life. It’ll wake you from the slow death of solely living.

Set Goals

Goals move and form us. This is a proven fact.  Set goals that are directly in line together with your outlined purpose. By doing this, it will introduce deliberateness into your life.

Stay Focused

This cannot be over-emphasized. We live in a world of constant connectivity and distraction that’s mendicancy for our attention nearly every moment of the day. Learn to shove off the distraction and live your life instead. Put off the Television and don’t browse gossip magazines all the time. Take away non-essential physical belongings that are robbing you of your time and energy that might be better spent living on purpose.

Learn from others

Eminent folks are curious people. They possess the humility to find out from others. Identify folks accomplishing things you will love to achieve, study them and learn from them.


The worst resource you’ll ever waste is your LIFE. Instead of just spending it away, commit yourself to live intentionally and purposely.

Know this: We all have goals set for this year and for years beyond, but nothing will move if we are not intentional about living our lives. Be intentional about living you today!



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