Today, brace up and keep moving

I have thoroughly missed putting up something here, and I have missed you too for real! It’s been a roller coaster experience for me, how has it been for you?

So today, I have decided to talk on how I really feel and try to relate.

Do you know how it feels to have fire oozing out of you when you just got a new vision? The tingling rumbling feeling you get when passion is burning through your eyes?

Well, how about when it’s otherwise?

Do you also feel demoralized at times? Do you ever feel like you aren’t making moves on your vision? Do you feel your dreams aren’t attainable too? And you just feel like giving up on your dreams?

Hey just hang on there….

These feelings can be very genuine. It is very possible to start out on a journey and all of a sudden, you start feeling bored, you start losing touch of your real self, you start doubting yourself and your ability!

But then, do you also stay in that feeling and not move ahead again in life?

See, I like to tell you that feelings are real. But more real are your convictions about yourself and your vision.

Can I remind you that those feelings aren’t going to be there forever? Can I tell you that your strong convictions about yourself are much more powerful than any temporary feeling you have right now, can I encourage you to keep moving on?

Well, these simple things can be of help to you:

1. Relax and refresh.

2. Try out new things you haven’t done in a while.

3. Do not ever lose touch of your true self.

4. Try something funky, away from the norm.

5. Laugh heartily and be happy.

My concluding words

There is no feeling big enough to dampen your spirit. You have all it takes to live your best life. So, brace up, and keep moving on your journey to SELF FULFILMENT!!


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Joyce Olawunmi

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