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Today, I am sharing my PVC collection story!

my pvc collection story
my pvc collection story

Yesss, today I am sharing my PVC collection story.

Remember some months ago, I posted an article on my experience registering for my permanent voters’ card (PVC), oh, It wasn’t so pleasant. I had to quickly journal the lessons I learned during that period in this post, you can read it here: 5 steps on how to handle a bad day.

So here is my PVC collection story

Some days ago, I heard in the news that all who had their temporary voter’s card could go pick up their permanent voters card at their various registration centers. I was so excited and anxious to get mine. Yesterday, during my lunch break at the office, I set out to the registration center, to get my PVC. On getting there, I was told that the INEC officials weren’t around and won’t be available until the following day. Oh, I wasn’t happy, but then, I was determined to get my PVC at all cost. So I made plans to come back there the following day.

The following day!

I got to the registration center about the same time I was there yesterday. As I was about to make my way into the venue, I saw some men standing outside, wearing an official dress. So I just assumed, they were INEC officials. I enquired from them how to collect my PVC

The discouraging words

‘’Sister, they haven’t brought the PVC yet oo, you would have to come back next week for it”. Oh, you can imagine how frustrated I was already. As a sharp girl, I started making inquiries on a contact I could get to know when the INEC officials would be available so I don’t waste my time to come the following day. While doing that, a good Samaritan walked in and gave me the best news for that moment. ‘’Sister, go inside, the INEC officials are there distributing the PVC cards’’. You can just imagine how happy I felt at this good news. I finally got inside and was re-directed to where to get my PVC. I was so glad after I collected my PVC, you really need to see me typing this post now, as I am all shades of happy. Leaving the venue, I just ruminated over the earlier event again, and the following lessons dawned on me:

  1. In life, you need to probe deeper to get the right information.
  2. To get the best in life, be prepared to go further, don’t stay outside!
  3. Don’t rely on popular opinion to make a decision, it just might be the wrong opinion.

My Concluding words

Have you ever had an experience like this before? What did you do? What did you learn? Will you like to share your own story? Please reach out to me in the comment section of this post, or send me a mail:

I will be glad to post your story!


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