Today, stick with your vision, learn from HENRY FORD’S DETERMINATION

Today, I am truly excited to write on this topic – stick with your vision. This is one of the new things I am learning to do in my adult life. I can tell you that the ability to stick to your vision, a course or any great thing you want to achieve in life won’t come on a platter of gold.

A little story

Earlier this morning, I was reading the book- Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. The very first chapter of the book talks of Henry Ford, the American automobile manufacturer, and founder of the great Ford Motors Company.

The book tells of the story of when Henry Ford had a vision to build the engine of a V-8 motor, with the entire cylinders cast in one block.  Henry Ford instructed his workers to actualise his vision at all cost. These workers knew their boss only believed in possibilities and hence got to work against all odds. After several failed attempts by these workers, they finally stumbled on the right strategy to build the engine and they did. One thing they also knew for sure was that they had to get Ford’s idea running, else they stood the chance of losing their jobs. I can only imagine the number of days, months, sleepless nights, and sacrifices they made to actualize ‘’Ford’s idea’’.


The author of the book, Think and grow rich, further described Henry Ford’s tenacity to actualize his vision as – The Ford’s Determination.

What I learned

Learning from the book, I realized that indeed the ability to stick with your vision, even when the odds are against you is what truly determines greatness in individuals. Basically, before anyone can stick to his vision he must first have the POSSIBILITY MINDSET which Henry Ford clearly exhibited.


Truthfully speaking

When people don’t achieve their vision, it is not really about they not having a vision or idea, or the talks too, as we know  ‘’talk is cheap’’. But much more, it  is dependent on their ability to stick with their vision until it materializes.


So when the going gets tough, what next?

Of a truth, life happens to people. There are times when what we planned for didn’t eventually turn out to be what we got in the end. Does this mean that we kill the vision that we had? A BIG NO!!!  We keep forging ahead against all odds, we keep moving.


I like to say this, if you want to truly become the person you want to be and achieve all your dreams, you need to be able to stick with your vision regardless of what life throws at you. Life is not a bed of roses, and even when life throws lemons at you, turn it into a lemonade and serve others to drink.


My concluding words

This is my short charge and encouragement today. Stick with your vision, stick with your process, stick with the hard life lessons to be learned, and live your best life.

Enjoy this short video on pursuing your vision by Simon Sinek.


Have a great week ahead.






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