Have you got a trash can? You just might need one
These words hit me badly as I ruminated over what the bus driver said earlier to me today
The more I thought, the more my ego arose and I got upset even some more
I think he needs it more joor,he’s the one with rough clothes and un-kept hair
And I am well tuck up in my pleated skirt, hair well wrapped with nice cologne on
He is not in a position to correct me whatsoever ,I think I could accept such if it came from someone who knew me personally, but not a random bus driver
What did he see just within our 45 minutes journey?was I wrong to have given him a piece of my mind before alighting from his bus?
At least he was the one that first spoke rudely to me and here he was, trying to correct me
No way!!!!
Truth be told, I was upset and I spoke out rashly, but that was the best way I have always poured out my anger, not minding the occasion or environment I found myself
A major character flaw I can tell
And worst of all, anyone who tries to correct me automatically becomes a HATER or an ENEMY
Today just reminded me of how much I needed to change, but maybe I was too proud to admit because of whom it was coming from
No doubt,I had come to the end of myself, its either I dropped this character or get into more embarrassing situations
If I keep thinking there is a problem with everyone trying to point my attention to something without me looking within , then I deceive myself
But if I admit and work at that seemingly faulty character, I sure would be a better me today and someday, i know it will be a gradual change, but I will keep at it
So once i find myself popping up this character,i wont act like an over-pumped baby keeping bags of unnecessries
i will just Trash it!!

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