We are all on this faith journey together

Fellow believer, we are all on this faith journey together. This reality recently struck my heart as I thought of so many things I was going through. I thought within myself, can’t this cup just pass over me, or must I go through this? But then the sweet gentle voice spoke to me, He said, ” You are on a Faith Journey”.

I know it is so interesting to read the story of Abraham in the Bible and how he waited on God to have Isaac, I also remember reading about Hannah, who cried to the Lord before she had the Prophet, Samuel. But I just thought that there were superheroes who had to go through such faith journey experiences.

Do you know that we all are on this same faith Journey together?

For you, it might be a child, spouse or even a job you are waiting on God for. But do you know that your waiting season is still part of the faith journey? Just like the bible says in Romans chapter 8, we all are experiencing labour pangs at one degree or the other. Just think of those times you ask your self severally, do I even know who God is? Why hasn’t this miracle happened yet? Where do I go from here? What should I  be doing now?

You know one thing that happens when we are on our personal faith journey is that we begin to feel like we are doing something wrong and hence the reason the promise hasn’t come yet.

But can I tell you this?

You aren’t doing anything wrong. If you have received God’s word and you are patiently waiting with what he has said, then you need not worry. For what he says, he will surely bring it to pass. 

I just want to talk to you from my heart, I know how these things can be, and the many mental battles you might be fighting while waiting for the fulfilment of a promise. Do not ever think that your waiting season is in vain, or God has forgotten you. He is always working behind the scene to perfect all that concerns you.

But much more

On your faith journey, he wants you to learn of him, to know who is really is more intimately. He wants you to look beyond what he is giving, to see beyond the promise. He is ready and willing to give you an Israel, even when what you ask for is a Jacob. Keep holding on, keep believing, for we all are on this faith journey together, and we would receive the promise if we faint not.



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