Welcome to the Month of December, it’s time to soar with your dreams

Happy new month and welcome to the month to soar with your dreams. I am truly excited about this month for many reasons. December is the time we get to eat plenty of sweet Nigerian Jollof rice, hang out with friends, relax from the yearlong activities and most importantly, plan for the new year.

I am really happy to see the first day of the month, really God has been faithful to me and I trust he has been so to you too.

This post is just to remind us of some of the things I have been saying from my previous posts all year long, conceiving ideas, taking actions and learning how to soar with your dreams.

Indeed, God has been gracious to give us beautiful dreams and ideas for our own profiting. Howbeit, I see many people just doing the same thing over and over again, without any results. I really believe that God’s plan and desire for everyone are for us to soar with our dreams. But let me break this down in a simpler form:

What does it mean to soar with your dreams

This means, challenging the status quo with an idea and doing much more than has ever been done before.

Personally, for me, I am learning from mentors, how to soar with my dreams. I will list below some of the things you can do to soar with your dreams:

Keep having big ideas

Like I love to say all the time, your mind is a free zone, no one can arrest you for thinking too big there. If you want to soar with your dreams, then you need to keep having big ideas. Let your ideas be so big enough to withstand any form of intimidation.

Learn and do

There is obviously no point learning so much and doing nothing about what you learn. If you must soar with your dreams, then put into practice what you learn. Continuous practice produces mastery and brings outstanding results.

Keep moving against all odds

This speaks to me so loudly. If you want to ever soar with your dreams, fulfill the burning desires of your heart, you need to constantly keep moving ahead regardless of the fear, intimidation, and challenges you encounter along the way. High flyers in life defy all odds in life to achieve their dreams.


I trust that this post has inspired you to soar with your dreams. Remember, “There is absolutely nothing you can not achieve once you set your mind to it“.

From me to you, its happy new month, keep soaring!

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Joyce Olawunmi

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