What do you think of yourself!

What do you think of yourself
What do you think of yourself

What do you think of yourself? Who do you think you are? What’s the definition you give to yourself? Well, I am here to say that who you call yourself is really what matters in life. I will share a short story on this…

My Story

It was children’s day celebration at my home church last week Sunday. I was so thrilled by the children’s’ presentations that at some point I just felt like being a child again. Having no worries about paying bills whatsoever. But of course, everyone needs to grow up and face responsibilities of life.

Back to my story, the children had a  session that was really inspiring. They dressed in different professional costumes and professed what they wanted to become professionally in future, also stating why they choose that profession. I didn’t find what they did out of place or outdated as some others thought. Although these days, many people don’t end up practising their childhood dream profession. But nonetheless, what I picked from that session of their presentation was that they were simply voicing out what they thought of themselves becoming in the future.

Let’s flip this coin the other way!

It was not until recently that I started learning the habit of speaking positively of myself. I actually didn’t know that saying those words to myself might reinforce the believe I had in myself and ultimately how I would relate to life.

I remember growing up and being so timid and intimidated. I always thought of myself so lowly. I always thought that others were better than I was. I had inferiority complex, and this was because I didn’t think highly of myself. Others’ life always seemed better than mine. Well, now I am grown up, I realised that what I think of myself will greatly determine what I choose and get out of life. To start thinking positively of yourself, believe these things:

  • You are loved
  • You are unique and amazingly created
  • You are the best of your kind
  • You have a great destiny to fulfil
  • You are on earth to fulfil a purpose


This post is to encourage you to always think positively of yourself. And do not just only think positively of yourself, also voice it out, REINFORCE IT!



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