What it means to be living life strategically?

living life strategically
living life strategically

One of the many things I am learning lately is living life strategically. Yes, I know the title of this post sounds like a boardroom meeting discourse, but hey, just hang on, I will bring it home.

So I was inside Lagos bus some days ago on my way to work, and a discussion broke out. Don’t mind me oo, one of my most inspiring moments is when I am in Lagos traffic. I usually think of my past, present, and future in 4D (Lol).

The discourse in the bus that day was whether or not people who stand around newspaper stand, arguing about the latest headline are lazy or not. One of my fellow bus riders was of the opinion that these people aren’t lazy, they just might have not had the kind of opportunity to work as some other people had, especially in an economy like Nigeria Another passenger countered his point and said that the there is always work to do once there is a willingness to work. I just sat on my seat, listening to the heated discussion but in my mind, I picked a side with the later speaker, because I believe there is something everyone can do.


Anyway, how does this my story relate to living life strategically? Well, let me say this post is a rant from my heart, you may want to drop your opinion in the comment section.

 What I mean by living life strategically

Being deliberate about your action

People who live life strategically are very deliberate about their actions. This means that they make strategic plans and are very deliberate about what they do. I believe that this singular habit is far one of the main reasons why some people get to achieve so much in life, while others drag along.

Being time conscious

This matter of effective time consciousness is just the ways to go in life. If you want to achieve so much with your life, plan your time well, and don’t just plan it, stick to it. Some people just know how to waste time, and they joke about thinking it’s all cool, but sincerely, time waits for no man.

Making time to review their move

To live life strategically means that you constantly view and review your actions over time. Done just move in one direction, take time to review each outcome of your life. You can start with a daily or weekly review of your plans. When you do this, you will be able to fish out what is working or otherwise what isn’t.


My concluding word is from one of my role models: Brain Tracy: ‘‘Live intentionally, Live life”.


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