What to learn from Seun Fakorede- consistency

Sometimes you need grits, other times focus is required, but most of all, consistency is needed.

I know I talk a lot about consistency, but today, I heard a very fantastic news about the newly nominated Commissioner for Youth and  Sports in Oyo State- Seun Fakorede popularly known as Phakoo then in the University.  I attended Obafemi Awolowo University, where Phakoo also schooled. I remember years ago, while in school and Phakoo contested for the Student Union President. His style was different, he didn’t seem to belong to the regular cabal then ( from my opinion), he wasn’t even the most popular back then in school, and then, he didn’t win the election. It felt like a defeat, after all the funds he spent on campaign and publicity for the election. But one thing was clear about this young man, he knew what he wanted and pursued it  consistently.

But few years down the line, today, I read in the news that this same Phakoo, has been nominated as a Commissioner in Oyo state. I wasn’t surprised one bit when I heard the news, because right after school, Phakoo kept making waves with his ideas and youth empowerment programs. He consistently kept pushing what he believed in.


This post isn’t so much about Phakoo’s appointment, but a principle to learn from his inspiring life- The principle of CONSISTENCY. The truth is many people have vision, skills, talents and ideas that they can use to better the world. But many never move past the initial stage of executing the idea, because they struggle with being consistent at what they do. It is fine to launch an idea, or even start selling a product. But what happens when the chips are down? When no one seems to be noticing what you are doing? Would you still keep at it?

I have learned in my few years on earth that there is surely payday for every effort that has consistently been deployed over time. Just keep giving it your best shot.

In Conclusion, 

If you are currently doing something worthwhile, and it seems no one is watching you, or the rewards arent coming the way you expect,  please don’t feel discouraged. Your works will definitely be rewarded with time. Only be consistent at what you are doing.





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