What’s your pick- Hard work or Smart work?

Really, do you think hard work is really worth it?

This was the conversation I sparked up on my wall on facebook yesterday. I love to always know what is going on in the minds of people. As an individual, I believe that knowledge isn’t only gained from the books you read, or even the degree gained from school. But if you are open to learning, you will truly learn a lot by conversing with people.

So back to my facebook story, I asked the question on if people like hard work. The responses I got was really interesting. Some felt hard work didn’t matter, as getting results these days is based on who you know and who knows you. Others were of the opinion that working smart which of course implies that you find yourself systems that can support your hard work is more important.


In my own opinion, I believe that it is very good to work hard when the day is young. Even the Holy Bible says that it is good for a man to bear his yoke when he is young. I also believe that it isn’t only about working hard but also being consistent in the work you do.

Usually, I interact with many people daily, I love to always connect with people to hear them speak and share what’s on their mind. In various conversations, I engage in, I realise that most people in my generation dream of a better life, and even desire to live life to the fullest. This is a good desire for anyone.

But much more, 

Desires alone don’t just get a result. The Holy bibles say again that ”Faith without works is dead”.  Meaning that in addition to having desires, building faith for the desire, it is important to also work hard to achieve what you desire.


Hey, wherever you are on your life journey, do not think that it is impossible to achieve your goals. Life will throw different things at you, just to make you lose focus on what you set out to do. But know this, that if you remained consistent, diligent, and worked hard enough, there sure will be a good result for your labour.


Cheers to hard and smart work!


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