What’s your take on self -love?

self love
self love

You know that thing they call self-love? I recently experienced it and I can tell you that it is so real.  Self-love is the ability to love oneself regardless of what others think or what circumstances around you are saying. I know I used to be on the divide, always waiting for another person to love me perfectly, but I have come to realize that, this love can only be given through God himself, and he has also given us the ability to express this love to ourselves.


I know what it feels like not to experience this self-love, I battled a lot of times while growing up, accepting my uniqueness. I constantly compared myself to others, need not I say that I always thought others were better than I was.  If you want to give it a name, you can call it the inferiority complex. Yea, I know the feeling, and it hurts so badly.

Even as adults, a lot are still struggling with this same feeling. Many don’t know how to put it in words yet. Let me explain a bit: as I said in one of my recent post about the glitz and glamour of social media. Many people get lost on social media and really do not appreciate themselves and what they are achieving, or better still they do not express this love to themselves, simply because they keep comparing themselves to others, what others have and they don’t, the qualifications they wish they had and all. While I am an advocate for reaching out for big things, I always want to say, appreciate the person you are and becoming. You cannot live a fulfilling life without having self-love.

Thinking on why you need self-love? these 3 reasons say it all:

Benefits of self-love.

  1. Having self-love boosts the believe you have in yourself.
  2. It gives you the right energy to forge ahead.
  3. It makes others believe in you.

Have you seen people with so much self-confidence? they have this thing called self-love. They might not be perfect in your eyes, but in theirs, they are the most beautiful.


You are the most perfect of your kind. Yes, you might have struggles, you might not be where you want to be right now, but never allow anything or anyone make you feel less of yourself. Love yourself, appreciate yourself, and win for yourself.




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