When fear knocks
Open the door to give an answer
Do not be silent

When fear knocks have a word
Not out of anxiety, or present feeling
But out of assurance of what you’ve most believed to be true

When fear knocks, remember the who that has brought you thus far
And each step taken in the past to where you are
Choose to see the future

When fear knocks, have a voice,
One that shouts with a victory note
Regardless of present circumstances

When fear knocks, choose not to remain confused or frustrated
Do not halt your move or quit exploring
Paddle your boat against the wind to ride

When fear knocks, know it knocks at all but you choose your response
Its ok to cry and wail for a while
But catch your breath and choose your response

When fear knocks, choose your stand, choose your tone
Have a voice, do not be silent

About the author

Joyce Olawunmi


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