When nothing is working

When nothing is working
When nothing is working

When nothing is working
It’s not the time to cry or weep
Giving up won’t make things work either
You just need to know what next to do

When nothing is working
There is still a ray of hope
There is still a sun to shine
And a moon to look at in the night

When nothing is working
Do not fold your arms in despair
Or cry like you are defeated yet
For there just might be another way out
Which you need to try out

When nothing is working
You need to reach far beyond the surface
And see the unseen
Even though no one sees so
To energise your vision

When nothing is working
It’s not the time to tell the whole world
For some are mere mockers 
Who have been waiting for this time so long
So be WISE and be quiet

When nothing is working
This may be a facade
As opposed to what you have ever dreamt of
But does it mean your dreams ain’t valid?

Just a quick story
Remember the light energy  bulb
That had to be experimented 999 times
Before it gave a ray of light, a ray of hope

When nothing is working
It may seem like a trail of your faith
To see if you truly believe
In that which you say and tell all to hear
With great joy and much excitement

When nothing is working
Do you have someone to cheer you up
Maybe a friend, maybe a lover
Or  the supernatural being himself

It will be good to reach out
To seek for help
For in doing so
You sure will be comforted beyond measure
And get back on track, to try
Even if it means giving it a 999th trial

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Joyce Olawunmi

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