When you dont know what to do

what next to do
what next to do

When you dont know what to do!!!

Does this feel like what you are also saying to in your heart? Then I think we are in the same boat and so we can talk.

If you have been following my blog post lately, I have been talking a lot about  ”figuring life out”. Do you know why this topic feels so personal to me? I am in my twenties, and from research, this is what happens to most people at this stage of my ”adult life”

One very common thing I also notice about this stage of life is that there are different forms of pressure that comes alongside it. Many times, this pressure destabilizes people a lot from maintaining focus on what they should be doing.  All these forms of pressure can also make it seem like people don’t know what next to do with their lives.

I have had my fair share of life, I have had ”ups and downs”, I have experienced success and also failures. I have known, and I have also been in the dark not knowing what next I should do. I know we all have unique life experiences, and we have stories to tell, but one thing I say to console myself all the time is – ”All will be well”.

Below are a few things to encourage you when it seems like you don’t know what next to do:

Keep On Trusting

As a dear friend of mine will say- ”Trust is what we do when we don’t understand”.

Embrace Your Journey

Your life journey is peculiar to you. Love it, Live it!

Hold On To Your Dreams

Your dreams are very valid, never lose sight/ touch of them.

Keep On Moving

Take actions on what you know, always be in motion.

Enjoy Living

Take life a step at a time. Laugh heartily, live cheerfully.



Hey, sometimes it is alright to not know what to do, so stop beating yourself up. Your life will surely not end this way, and you will definitely achieve your dreams as long as you work hard and never give up!







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