My heart musing about failure

When I think of failure in any area of life, one of the things I always want to remind myself of in that state is the reason why I ever got started on that journey in the first place. For some, starting out isn’t really a big deal, for others, what they ever need is the sustaining power to keep on moving.

I had this thought a little while ago, on why we ever have to experience obstacles in life. I questioned myself severally if that is the model of how life should be. Even though I didn’t come to a conclusion about my rumination, I realise that life has different packages it serves to people.

Thinking through

When we have to make a tough decision, who is there to guide us through? I know the importance of mentors, and having an ally you can always rub your mind with. But more often than not, the final analysis and decision making on what to do depends on us. And when we take a step we think is best and hit a brick wall, do we back out? or do we have enough courage to try again?

Today, I am reminded of the lines of a song- ‘‘Try again, and remember there is always sunshine after the rain, can’t you see, everything gets better if you try again”.

How easy is it to try again after experiencing a major failure?

I know what failure means. I have experienced it severally. And sometimes wish it will never occur again. But the more I keep wishing, the more I realise my wishes won’t even move a fly. Facing realities of life, I know that failure is a part of life, and learning how to handle it will provide great help in such moments.

And when failures look you and me in the face…

  1. It’s the time praise your way through that state
  2. Reaffirm that you are actually fantastic and will come out victorious
  3. Be determined to try again, even if it means failing a second time



Do you know that experiencing failure isn’t the end of life? It could be for you a stepping stone, a distraction, or even a time to re-evaluate yourself and the steps you took. Whatever it is you are going through, please never give up, try once again and try some more times.





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