You Are At An Advantage

You are at an advantage
Though the tides keep rising
And the mountains seem insurmountable
Believe this,
You are still at an Advantage

Your mind really might be telling you otherwise
On how every other person is smarter
More graced and favoured than you
Because after you put in all your best
You still didn’t get that dream job

You are at an advantage
I know Momma has spent all her prayer offerings
Praying that this child will come out from you
Father, also just wants to be a granddad
And rock this child while he is here

You are at an advantage
Need I to tell you that what your fears tell you arent real
The up’s and down’s on your journey is designed to shape you until now
To receive that portion which is rightfully yours

You are at an advantage
Never would Joseph the dreamer had thought
That his gift of interpreting dreams would get him to the Palace 
From the weirdest of places- A prison!

You are at an Advantage
You just may seem like time is far spent already
Human’s calculation doesn’t sum up to that big dream you have always had
O’ everyone seems to have passed this stage you are still staggering at

Can I tell you this simple truth?
God is the master planner of all
And what he says, he truly means
So, wouldn’t you rather trust him with your life some more?

Here is my kind advice
Just when it seems like you are forgotten
And nothing seems to be happening good for you
Take your gaze off the difficulties
Change your perspective to think good always

And just as Father Abraham did
Look to the hills to see what God is truly saying
For in no time you will see
That he sure is behind the scene
Working everything out for your good







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Joyce Olawunmi

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