You are not a failure, dont think so

You are not a failure
You are not a failure

You are not a failure
Stop feeling so
You might have not had it all smoothened out
But that never makes you a failure

You are not a failure
It might take you some more time to achieve your dreams
Others may have gone faster on their lanes
But you’ve got your own race to run

You are not a failure
Stop allowing the elements of earth tell you so
For we have the nights to sleep
And the day to rule in its time

You are not a failure
Those funny names they call you don’t define you
You just might be contemplating if it’s true
But I need to remind you again
That you are not a failure

You are not a failure
It may seem as though time is passing
And you are yet to hit your first major jackpot
Or get that degree or certification yet
Others may have seemed to have achieved all you ever dream of
But my friend,
You are not a failure

You know that life is in season and stages
With it with its unique offering
You just may decide to dance a little more
To the sound of rain, you hear
Others may just not understand why you do what you do
But that doesn’t make me you a failure either

You are never a failure
But first, it starts with what you feed and believe in your mind
As an old friend would  always say
Even if everyone has an hashtag of ‘’hate’’ against you
You have one who’s got your back anytime
He is your friend, your God and your creator



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Joyce Olawunmi

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