You Are Not Terrible

You are not horrible
You are not ugly
You are not envious
You are not terrible

You love to a fault
You give cheerfully
Your smile is healing
You are not terrible

You have your struggles
You’ve been down at times
But struggle to fly
You wish the best at all times amidst disappointments
You are not terrible

You do not feel inferior
You do not speak to smite
You love purely, it pierces through hearts
You are not terrible

You may be misunderstood
You may be misjudged
You may be unloved by others,
But then,
You are not terrible

You strive for the best
And reach for the skies
You see the pictures
You paint the vision
You are not terrible

If  this is you
Still on this path
Striving for the best of you
Then know this my friend,
That you are not terrible

About the author

Joyce Olawunmi

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