You Deserve Much More Than This

deserve much more than this
deserve much more than this

I love the title of this post- You deserve much more than this. I was sitting in my office chair, thinking about how people rise to the top of their career and become sought after in their industry, I realized that they actually worked hard for it. But beyond the hard work, they had a mentality of being the best of themselves. I am learning on how to be the best of myself too, in my career, walk with God and relationship with people. This thought has also inspired me to write this poetic piece- You deserve more than this, please read below and enjoy. Cheers

You deserve much more than you can see now

Much more than you can feel now

And much more than you know now


I know it feels you are living your best now

Or maybe you have a dream that feels far far-fetched

Hey, hold, up, you will get it and more

Cos you certainly deserve much more than this now


I know how it feels to work so hard

Wake up morning and work till dusk

I know how Lagos traffic can give you reset button

Making you think and wonder

Is this how life will continue?


See, your mind may want to play a fast one on you

Making you feel that after your first victory you have arrived

Or maybe making your first debut is the only way to hammer

But my friend, there is still Grammy awards to be won


You deserve much more than this

Humility and piety may seem pretty enough

In fact, using less of your abilities may seem like the safest thing to do

But my dear there is so much more that you can uncover


Knowing that you deserve much more than this is good

Having your dreams scribbled down in journals is fantastic

Knowing that your life deserves a better chance is great

But if you ever will get the best out of life,

You must be willing to challenge the satus quo

And outdo your best always

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